A Big Thank You

You may have noticed that I haven’t updated this blog in a long time. You may also have noticed a bunch of random code along the top of the site.

A coding error had prevented me from logging in to my control panel, leaving me unable to post updates.

I tweeted about it and, weeks later, someone I’d never previously interacted with responsed to my cry for help. I was initially suspicious, as she had asked for my login information so that she could go in and see what the problem was.

I expressed my suspicion, but a significant number of Twitter users vouched for her trustworthiness and I accepted her help.

Rather than request my login information a second time, she gave me instructions by email and suggested that I could do a screen-sharing session with her if the suggestion in the email didn’t work.

Her tip worked and I’m back online (and running a different WordPress theme, since the old one seems to have been the source of the problem). For all of this she asked for nothing other than a quick thank-you tweet.

But I feel like a blog post is in order. So this is it. Thank you, @TheCre8tiveDiva for helping me get my site back up and running.

2 thoughts on “A Big Thank You

  1. Well hey, your blog looks pretty slick. And yeah long time no-read.

    It’s nice to hear these stories about how you can find legit help online, and not scams. Reinvigorates my faith in humanity.

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