And Now For Something Completely Different

It’s done. The classroom portion of my public relations education is finished. I made it through.

We all made it through. No one dropped out or flunked out along the way.

With the end of classes comes the start of the practicum. In my case, that also means the end of the job I’ve held for four years. I’m moving on to pursue a new career in public relations.

Both of these things bring a bittersweet feeling. With the end of class it’s the excitement and relief of being done, and of moving into the work world, combined with the fact that I won’t be seeing the same 29 faces five days a week.

With the end of my job, it’s similar. I’m excited about the new career path I’m embarking on, but there’s always something a little bit scary about leaving a job you’ve been at for a while. I was comfortable where I was and, I think, I was good at what I did. But I think I’ll be even better at public relations.

It seems fitting that all of this is happening while I’m 30. Having some big life events line up with a nice round number feels appropriate, like there’s a sense of order to the universe that’s normally lacking.

Onward and upward. It’s time to put what I’ve been learning into practice.

2 thoughts on “And Now For Something Completely Different

  1. I’m not surprised, Adam, that you’ve “done good”, but congratulations are still very much in order! The company you’re doing your practicum with is in for a treat! 🙂

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