The End is Near

The end of my time as a public relations student is near. Classes ended yesterday. All that’s left are final exams and the practicum. The last day of class was bittersweet. I really enjoyed my time in the program and I’m sure there are a few people I’ll never see again once exams are over. Many […]

A Big Thank You

You may have noticed that I haven’t updated this blog in a long time. You may also have noticed a bunch of random code along the top of the site. A coding error had prevented me from logging in to my control panel, leaving me unable to post updates. I tweeted about it and, weeks […]

Seeking Practicum Opportunities

My second and finale semester at MacEwan is already 1/4 finished. Very soon, I’ll be out in the work force. But, first, I need to complete a practicum. After the classroom portion finishes in April, everyone in the MacEwan PR program must complete a 2-month practicum placement. I’ve been thinking a lot about where I’d […]

PR “Practitioner” vs “Professional” – Is There a Difference?

Kirk Hazlett, writing a guest post on Deirdre Breakenridge’s blog, suggests that there is a difference between PR practitioners and professionals. Rather than being interchangeable terms, Hazlett suggests that practitioners are the tradespeople of PR—they’re skilled in the craft of PR but act primarily at the tactical level. Professionals have the same skills as practitioners, […]

Developing a Common Sense Social Media Policy

I’m not a big fan of social media policies. You need guidelines for using social media in your organization, but policies are often legalistic and make it difficult to act with the speed required for effective social media communications. I prefer to say: use common sense. But the old adage that common sense isn’t so […]

How to Be Creative

People don’t often think about how to be creative. Creativity is thought of as something you either have or don’t have. But there is a process to being creative, and PBS Digital Studios lay it out. The key takeaways from the video are: Get to work—don’t wait to be inspired Collaborate with others Your ideas […]

Google Hummingbird: Why it Doesn’t Matter

Google announced a major overhaul to its search algorithm today. Known as Hummingbird, the update represents one of the biggest changes to Google’s algorithm in years. And it doesn’t matter. Let’s back up for a moment. The update is important. From what little we know about it, it represents a huge leap forward that will […]