Moms more social than dads; brands shouldn’t join Ello

Marketing Mag is reporting that moms are more social than dads (and people without children) online. This isn’t exactly world-shattering news, but the fact that they’re most likely to share in the morning but hit the peak of their sharing in the early afternoon is a bit, well, impossible. The time of day moms spend […]

PR “Practitioner” vs “Professional” – Is There a Difference?

Kirk Hazlett, writing a guest post on Deirdre Breakenridge’s blog, suggests that there is a difference between PR practitioners and professionals. Rather than being interchangeable terms, Hazlett suggests that practitioners are the tradespeople of PR—they’re skilled in the craft of PR but act primarily at the tactical level. Professionals have the same skills as practitioners, […]

How to Be Creative

People don’t often think about how to be creative. Creativity is thought of as something you either have or don’t have. But there is a process to being creative, and PBS Digital Studios lay it out. The key takeaways from the video are: Get to work—don’t wait to be inspired Collaborate with others Your ideas […]