Networking Tips for Introverts

In a training session for a previous job, I arranged for a colleague to speak on a number of topics, including networking. Toward the end of his talk, he said, “I hope that was helpful. I’m not sure why you asked me to speak about networking since I’m a pretty big introvert.” He was downplaying […]

Developing a Common Sense Social Media Policy

I’m not a big fan of social media policies. You need guidelines for using social media in your organization, but policies are often legalistic and make it difficult to act with the speed required for effective social media communications. I prefer to say: use common sense. But the old adage that common sense isn’t so […]

Google Hummingbird: Why it Doesn’t Matter

Google announced a major overhaul to its search algorithm today. Known as Hummingbird, the update represents one of the biggest changes to Google’s algorithm in years. And it doesn’t matter. Let’s back up for a moment. The update is important. From what little we know about it, it represents a huge leap forward that will […]

LinkedIn Dos and Don’ts

LinkedIn can be a difficult social medium to use effectively. It represents a cross between a resume/job search site and an online networking event. As with in-person networking, you should behave professionally on LinkedIn. It’s OK to reveal a bit of personal information, but keep the pictures of your children and the connections to your […]

How to Use RSS Effectively

When Google decided to kill Google Reader, a lot of people were upset. Even if it wasn’t a popular product, they claimed, it was heavily used by the influencers and communicators who drive the web. I was among those who were displeased when Reader was killed. For a while, I managed to live without an […]