Moms more social than dads; brands shouldn’t join Ello

Marketing Mag is reporting that moms are more social than dads (and people without children) online. This isn’t exactly world-shattering news, but the fact that they’re most likely to share in the morning but hit the peak of their sharing in the early afternoon is a bit, well, impossible.

The time of day moms spend on social was also shown in the study, which found moms are more likely to share in the morning, with sharing on social peaking between noon and 2:00 pm.

Which is it? Morning or early afternoon?

Despite that confusing bit of reporting, the article does provide some interesting insights—notably, that brands shouldn’t join new social network Ello.

Ello is ad-free. More than that, it’s anti-advertising. It’s unlikely to stay that way for long—brands like Sonos have already signed up and Ello founder, Paul Budnitz, has created a profile promoting his bicycle company, in apparent defiance of his own rules—but for now, at least, brands should stay away.

Even if it weren’t for the anti-advertising manifesto, I’d advise brands not to bother with Ello (at least for now). It’s invite-only and it’s still in beta. There’s not a critical mass of people, so unless your target audience is people on the bleeding-edge of social trends, Ello probably isn’t worth your time (assuming you can even get an invite).

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