Seeking Practicum Opportunities

My second and finale semester at MacEwan is already 1/4 finished. Very soon, I’ll be out in the work force.

But, first, I need to complete a practicum.

After the classroom portion finishes in April, everyone in the MacEwan PR program must complete a 2-month practicum placement. I’ve been thinking a lot about where I’d like to do my practicum.

My internal debate is between doing a practicum at an organization that I’d like to work for long-term—a place that might be able to hire me full time upon completion of the practicum—and a small company that won’t be able to hire me but will allow me to have my hand in all aspects of the communications shop (and, I suspect, learn more than I could at a larger organization).

I haven’t decided which way I’d like to go, but I have managed to develop a shortlist of organizations with whom I’d be happy to do my practicum.

My top three choices are all completely different. One is a large charitable organization. One is a sole-proprietor consultancy. And the other is a large, for-profit corporation.

Each of these organizations does different work, and the type of work I’d be doing for each is different. But I’m interested in all three.

I have no idea if any of them would be able to hire me afterward (though I’m fairly certain that one of them can’t), but I’d be happy to work with any of them.

The best part is that two of the three have actually approached me. I know they’ll be running a competitive process and I’m not guaranteed to get the position, but the fact that they approached me is a positive sign.

I was worried, near start of this term, that I wouldn’t find a practicum that I was interested in. And I was even more worried when one of my early top choices said they don’t take practicum students.

I’m no longer worried. I’m excited about having the chance to work for any of my top three organizations. But first, I need to finish my coursework.

2 thoughts on “Seeking Practicum Opportunities

  1. It’s a hard decision and keep in mind that not for profits are a great place to work but financially not that lucrative when it comes to raises and if funding gets cut you may as well.

    1. Thanks for the comment (and sorry for the delay in replying).

      While it’s sometimes the case that the not-for-profit/non-profit side doesn’t pay as much, it’s becoming less and less true. It really depends on the size of the organization. Many larger NFPs can and do pay just as well as corporate jobs and have ample opportunity for career growth.

      Having said that, I’d much rather work for an organization that I believe in and make a slightly smaller salary than to work for a company I hate because they pay more. That doesn’t necessarily mean NFP—there are plenty of for-profit companies that I’d be happy to work for—but values are more important than money for me, as long as I’m being compensated fairly for my work.

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