How to Write Good Web Content

Well-written web content positively affects the bottom line. If website visitors can scan your website and quickly find the information they’re looking for, they’re more likely to remain on your site—hopefully leading to increased sales. Help your visitors understand your content and increase your sales by making content: Scannable Concise Objective Make Content Scannable Web […]

Six-Word Story Challenge

My digital communications text suggests practicing brevity by trying to write an entire story in just six words. The author gives the following example, famously attributed to Hemingway: For sale: baby shoes, never worn. I’ve taken up the challenge. Here’s my attempt: Car crash. Bottom bunk sits empty.

Snider Begins MacEwan PR Diploma Program

Adam Snider, a professional communicator seeking to improve his skills and enter the field of public relations, began working toward a diploma in public relations from MacEwan University today. Edmonton, AB ( September 3, 2013 — Professional communicator, Adam Snider, started the public relations diploma program at MacEwan University today. Mr. Snider noted his excitement, […]