YEG Old School Tweetup: An Edmonton Tweetup

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Join us for a tweetup!

**NOTE** This post was last updated on January 6, 2014. The headline and some details have changed since it was originally posted. This post explains the changes.

Recently, I was talking to Tamara Vineberg on Twitter. Our conversation turned into a rollicking chat involving many members of Edmonton’s Twitter community.

What it boiled down to was a desire for the Twitter of old, with less advertising and self-promotion. We also wanted a tweetup—an in-person meetup of Twitter users—that had no theme, no “cause,” and no real purpose other than to meet and chat in person.

Somehow, I ended up volunteering to organize the tweetup. Tamara jokingly suggested we call it Take Back Twitter (or #TakeBackTwitterYEG), so I’m going to roll with that. Because we’re trying to take it back to the old school, the name and hashtag will be #YegOldSchoolTwitter. But don’t call it a theme!

Instead of having a very formal event with Eventbrite tickets and RSVPs, we’re just going to have an informal social. Show up at X place at Y time and hang out. There are no tickets (or free drinks). Alas, for logistical reasons, we’ve had to ask people to RSVP using Eventbrite, but the tickets are free, so show up, have a drink and shake hands with someone you’ve only connected with online.

If you’re interested, here are the details:

Because of how informal this event is, I’m not making a reservation. Whoever shows up will show up and we’ll try and snag as many tables as we need.

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