The End is Near

The end of my time as a public relations student is near. Classes ended yesterday. All that’s left are final exams and the practicum.

the end is near
Photo credit: Chris Costello

The last day of class was bittersweet. I really enjoyed my time in the program and I’m sure there are a few people I’ll never see again once exams are over. Many of us, though, will remain friends (or at least acquaintances) for a long time.

I’m ready to start my practicum and, after that, my career. With a bit of luck, one will lead to the other but that’s never a guarantee.

After a lot of looking and several interviews, I managed to secure a practicum that I’m very happy with. For the time being, I won’t go into detail because I’m not sure what their policies are on identifying yourself as an employee online.

For now, I’ll just say that I’m excited to be working for this organization and I think the project I’ll be supporting is very cool (and will probably give me some great pieces for my portfolio).

4 thoughts on “The End is Near

  1. The End is near, repent, repent! (I heard about some new end-time prophecies on CBC yesterday. Before the end of 2014. 😀 )
    Seriously, good job! I hope your practicum is at least as rewarding as you think it will be now! ..Bill..

  2. Thanks, Bill, I appreciate the well wishes. I think the practicum is going to be very rewarding. I met some of the people I’ll be working with for drinks yesterday and they seem like a great bunch of people. I’m looking forward to it.

  3. Congrats on lining up a good organization for your practicum! Hopefully you can release more info on the shadowy organization you’re going to be working for, at some point.

  4. I’m sure it’ll be fine to talk about it publicly, I just want to avoid shooting myself in the foot before I’ve even started. And I’m happy to talk about it offline or via email, if you’re curious.

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