What’s With the Fake Press Release?

Yesterday, I published a mock press release about my first day of school. This may have seemed strange or even self-indulgent, but the purpose was to practice my writing.

With this blog, I’ll not only be posting about my experiences as a PR student but also putting the things I’m learning into practice. So there will be mock press releases and other writing samples.

By putting my newfound skills into practice, I’ll be able to hone my talent as a writer and a PR practioner.

This blog will have three main purposes, at least while I’m in school: to chronicle my learning, to act as a “safe space” to practice my skills, and to share my knowledge or thoughts on things happening the field of public relations. If everything goes according to plan, there will be more sharing of knowledge and fewer mock press releases the closer I get to the end of my program.

The chronicling of my learning aspect of the blog will, hopefully, never go away. After all, PR is a contantly changing industry—especially as digital communications and social media continue to develop and grow in importance—so if I ever stop learning new things then it’ll probably be time for me to retire or change careers.

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